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ipoh aunty lee cake and pastries 1024x682 About UsEstablished on 28 March 2005,  Aunty Lee Cake & Pastries has an outstanding reputation of creating the most exquisite cakes, for all occasions. As well as our cakes being delightful to look at, we also have a number of specialty features exclusive to Aunty Lee Cake & Pastries.

Not only are our products made with no food preservatives, there is also no added colouring. It goes without question that we maintain the highest quality during the creation of our cakes and pastries. Each of these is made fresh every day. Our breads too, are fresh and new every morning. Our breads and cakes come in so many varieties and there is so much to choose from.

Something we are proud to offer, is our custom cake design service.   From an image, we can customise almost any design to within a 70-80% likeness. The popularity of this service is outstanding. We enjoy the happy faces when our customers see the cake Aunty Lee Cake & Pastries has made.

ipoh aunty lee biscuit hup toh soh walnut coconut 300x157 About UsAunty Lee also has a number of signature products which are extremely popular. These include chocolate banana mousse cake, chocolate banana, tiramisu cake, banana cup cake (one of the best in Ipoh),  “Hup Toh Soh” biscuit, our ever tasty wholemeal bread, and last but not least, the unique “Kah Lui Peng” biscuit made with red bean and green bean ingredients.



ipoh aunty lee healthy bread 300x165 About UsExclusive to Aunty Lee is the range of our very own “Healthy Breads”.

Made in a traditional way, these special breads consist of four main types being Red Yeast Cranberry, Pumpkin Bread, Dark Seed Cheese and Charcoal Multi Grain. Even the names of these are appealing! With additional health benefits, it makes the choice at Aunty Lee’s very easy.

  • For instance, the benefit of Red Yeast Cranberry is that it reduces cholesterol, and can treat anaemia.
  • Pumpkin Bread can reduce blood sugar levels, and contains essential high fibre content.
  • Aunty Lee’s Dark Seed Cheese is known to have the benefit of reducing one’s blood pressure.
  • And for those who need to detox, and improve their blood circulation, Aunty Lee’s Charcoal Multi Grain provides these benefits to you.

Aunty Lee Cake & Pastries is able to take cake bookings for any occasion, including birthdays, the full moon, weddings, Christmas, and Chinese New Year. For those planning to order their custom cake, bookings are required 1 week in advance, to ensure your satisfaction in receiving the perfect cake on time.

And as a special promotion for you, simply buy a cake at 0.5kg (or above) cake, and you will receive a free Recycle bag.

Stop in on your way past, and see the wonderful cakes and pastries with your own eyes. Be amazed! Bring your ideas and an image of what you would like your cake to look like, or give us a call on +605-254 2088 or leave a comment on our Contact Us page.

We look forward to serving you and creating that exclusive cake you’ve always wanted!

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